Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Privacy and confidentiality

I think that privacy and confidentiality are really issue in connection with new media. On these such a popular networking sites, people peacefully show their personal information, not knowing that other can use it for their goods, for instance, their birth of day, address or other private information. We don’t usually realize that this information can be used for bad use for others. Hackers collect this private information to use it for making a profit for them. The other thing is that hackers are trying to steal our identity, so they are able to buy things on our credit card. The identity can be stolen through internet or database of credit cards.
There was a case where a father was saving money to take his family on vacation. He decided to buy a vacation online. He went through many steps and then in the end when he gave his personal information (credit card, address), the web site didn’t give any confirmation of payment. Moreover, He called police and they didn’t know what to do because there is no way to trace those people down. This is still open case. This happened in Czech Republic.
People should be more aware of the fact that there are many people who is trying to make money of other people. And also think twice before they sign up for any unknown website.
I would conclude that new media makes lot things easier for us; however, people have to be more careful of what they are doing on the internet.

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  1. I mean internet is a place like a open market, you really need to think about the information you post. Hackers are always there looking for this kind of situation where they can get some kind of information which they can use and make money.