Tuesday, May 11, 2010

About somebody else’s presentation

I enjoyed everybody’s presentations. It was very interesting to listening to others about so many different topics. I really like Steven’s presentation because it was about sport. I really like sport and also play soccer. Moreover, my presentation was about the impact of new media on sport and youth. He described each sport in the US. He categorized them and gave us examples of each type how the new media gets connected to them. I am really fan of ice hockey and soccer which is not as popular here as in Europe. I liked when he talked more about typical sports in US such as Baseball, American football and basketball. That was more enjoyable for me because I could learn more about typical American sports. He showed us some funny videos, for example how hockey player named Sidney Crosby sleeps with the Stanley Cup. That’s the trophy that is given to team who wins the National Hockey League.
Overall, all presentations were great.

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